John and Ana
Ana & John Stayton have been the stewards of Golden Nectar Farm since 1997. They have continued its mission as an experimental farm and added an educational component, conducting farm tours and hosting classes, retreats, and community events. They have sought to make the farm one of the emerging creative models of sustainable living, showing that a lifestyle that is caring for the earth is richer and more fulfilling.

Ana’s background in herbology and whole foods nutrition are woven into her farming. She integrates the philosophy of food as medicine and believes as John Jeavons teaches of Ecology Action that healthy food is ultimately all about growing soil that is vibrantly alive. That is the transition she brings from healthcare to growing food. Her passions keep her exploring plant propagation, especially of specialty fruits and herbs, gluten free baking, singing with Threshold Choir and the things that lie at the intersection of food, farming, herbs and healing.

For their first two years at the farm, John and Ana learned and worked together. For the last 8 years, John has been a cofounder, faculty member and director of the Green MBA, now at Dominican University of California in San Rafael, CA. The Green MBA is an engaged learning community that supports comprehensive leadership development for sustainability change agents, helping individuals to align their passions and values with the marketplace. To find out more about the Green MBA check out their website: www.greenmba.com 

We all share the love of growing and preparing delicious, locally grown food and drink and sharing this with our community. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, yet we know that we are all needed, each in our own unique way, in this time of great transition.